One of the major problems young generation suffers from is bullying. This social issue is everywhere in the world. Many kids and teens are struggling with it almost every day.

Nowadays, people depend on others’ looks to make their judgment. For example, when we spot someone who has huge tattoos on them, we instantly think of him as a bad person that we should keep distance from. But in this world  is changing day by day, we come to learn not to judge people just because of how they look. This story will surely make you understand the sense of variety and difference in humanity.

Back in May 2017, Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bullies heard about a teen boy named Zane Olmid who’s been facing an onslaught of taunting and teasing, and even physical assault, at the hands of his classmates.

According to his parents, Zane was punched, pushed and written on with markers while attending middle school in Minnesota. His time spent in school was very hard.

The bullying had become so severe and frightful that Angels Bikers Against Bullies decided to step in. They stormed through Zane’s neighborhood with one mission: to find the bullied teen and offer him the surprise of a lifetime.

The residents of the neighborhood must have been surprised to see this group of tough bikers gathered outside. The leader, Greg Carson, stepped forward and shouted Zane’s name and asked him to come out. The look on Zane’s face when he walked outside his house? Priceless…

Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bullies was formed in 2016, to help a bullied teen. Sydney was the first teen that they helped and her story was terrifying and heartbreaking for a person her age. Sydney was allegedly lured by a group of girls into the woods — girls who she thought were her friends. They physically assaulted her and posted the brutality on social media for all to see. The group of bikers saw it and they formed their organization. With the many bullied young ones all over the country, Sydney surely is not the first and the last one that has been bullied.

When Zane’s mother saw what the bikers were doing with her son, she could not hold her emotions. Her tears just kept on flowing down her face. She was simply touched that they would do this for him.

Watch this inspiring story here:

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