8-Yr-Old Boy’s House Caught In Fire, Remembers Emergency Plan and Rescues Baby Sister

No one likes the thought of finding themselves faced with a really undesirable safety situation such as a fire breaking out at home. It’s even scarier when there are kids involved. With that in mind, you can imagine how freaked out John was when his mower caught fire in a barn and threatened his whole family.

The fire spread and engulfed the whole family house in a ball of smoke. The dad desperately called out for his 3 kids to run out to safety and dial 911 fast. Well, an 8-year-old kid, Harrison Holt, was more up to task. As John battled the flames, he turned, only to see his son calmly talking to a 911 dispatcher via phone. He had also managed to carry his little sister out of the burning house. That must have been the greatest moment of pride for this father. What a strong son he had!

Although the fire destroyed their house, the whole family was safe, all thanks to Harrison. Harrison was awarded a badge as a firefighter. Watch the full clip here and get the full story. This kid is truly smart.

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