Living in Melbourne, Australia, Natalie discovered her love for music. She had a knack for playing pianos. But her life wasn’t exactly what she dreamed of. Natalie’s hubby left her, and then she lost two of her kids. Life was hard on her. She was even homeless at one point in her life. That’s truly saddening!

However, as hard as the bad side of fate tried to put her down, Natalie never gave up on her dreams to become a great pianist. She always had hopes of living her dream. Even at her old age, she’s still the strong lady she’s always been. This video proves that and much more!

The clip here was shared online by her son, Matthew Trayling, and it soon gathered up quite a following – with over a million views on YouTube. Watching and listening to her tune makes you feel her story. See how gracefully she works that keyboard to wow the world with her unending musical passion. You’ll love her!

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