Talent shows in school are one of the best. It’s always fun to see other students you know show off their talents.

In the video below, people were surprised when a a group of “grannies” break out into a dance that steals the show at their school talent show.

The video opens with nine “grannies” and one “grandpa” taking the stage and sitting in a line. The audience immediately gets excited when the “Golden Girls” theme song, “Thank You for Being a Friend,” starts to play. Suddenly, the song switched to the Black Eyed Peas’ song “Let’s Get It Started,” and that’s when the performance really got going!

The next song was Flo Rida’s “Low,” and as it played, the grannies swung their hips to the beat. More pop songs came after that, and the grannies danced to each one, even using their canes and walkers to help them bust a move!

The audience loved every minute of the performance, and they could not get enough of the energy the grannies had! Finally, the last pair danced to V.I.C.’s “Wobble,” and the granny in the wheelchair moved her arms about as she showed off her moves to the song. Her partner even helped her by shimmying her arms and legs, allowing her to get in on the performance even more.

Video of their infectious performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed nearly two millions times! Check out the hilarious dance for yourself below!

This is one of the most hilarious shows i’ve seen in a while. What do you think?

Let us know your opinion in the video below:

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