90-Yr-Old Grandma Sings Hilarious Version of Patsy Cline Hit That Will Make You Fall to Pieces Laughing

When Patsy Cline sang “I Fall To Pieces,” no one had the slightest clue that one day, a 90-year-old grandma would use that same song to bring a house down. Not to mention that it would happen on her 90th birthday!

Well, be as it happened, Vera’s birthday came around, and she had some cool stuff to share with her guests and fellow seniors. The greatest moment came when the old lady rose to “scratch” a guitar to entertain her guests. Turns out, Vera’s lyrical side hadn’t aged yet, so she had taken upon herself to rewrite the said Patsy Cline hit into an entirely different hit to suit her hilarious agenda. I’m laughing right now!

So Vera stands before the people, with a guitar in her arms, and proceeds to rain hilarity on everyone with her hardly serious twist of the song. You should see the people’s reactions. Vera’s solo performance is both touching and emotion-inducing. You’ll feel it too!

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