We all get those infuriating scam calls every so often. In fact, they’re becoming increasingly often. But, we all know to just put the phone down and ignore them. However, some vulnerable people might believe what the scammers are saying. Whether you’ve “won a free holiday”, or “they have sensitive information about you”, it is never true.

The problem is when old people, mentally unwell people, or people with disabilities pick up the phone. They might be inclined to believe what they’re being told, not knowing it’s a scam. Which is why this police captain for Apex Police Department filmed herself on the phone to a scammer. She shows that they know nothing about her, and she is in complete control.

The scammer alleges that she has committed fraud, and demands to know her address and social security number. But, Captain Ann Stephens is having none of it. If they had a file on her, as they claim, they would know all this already.

Plus, there are the suspicious names. She speaks to Mr Black and Mr Brown. Is that a mere coincidence? More likely fake names.

But, it’s when the scammers claim that a Deputy Sherriff is coming to arrest her that she can’t help but chuckle. As they don’t know her address in the first place, it is clearly a hollow threat. And, she knows that the whole call is clearly a scam. It would have been interesting to see what they made of it when she revealed her role in the Apex Police Department.

What do you make of this clever way of teaching people about potential scams? We think it’s pretty important. Let us know what you think in the comments. Make sure to share with your friends, family, and anyone potentially vulnerable to scam phone calls.

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