Kids do the dandiest things when we least expect.

A 16-months-old boy has developed a strong love for music and dancing. It appears Will Smith has found himself a new and unlikely fan. When mom plays “Getting’ Jiggy With It”, the toddler drops what he is doing and dances to the song. The little man releases all the energy bottled up within him and dances to the song.

The toddler rushes to the television and then watches the performance for some time. He is later taken up by the beat and dances his heart out. He bounces up and down, and throws his little hands up and down which leaves his mother in stitches. His hilarious dance moves will bring a smile on any dull face.

We hope Will Smith’s little fan will grow up listening to the song and sing along to it.  Let us enjoy his dance moves for now.

Watch the hilarious footage below and laugh your lungs out.  Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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