Best Man Suffers Embarrassing Moment During Wedding Ceremony, Leaves Whole Church In Hysterics

You’re probably wondering why in this whole white world people can find fun in someone else’s misfortune. However, in the case of this best man, the church congregation just couldn’t hold it. You’re about to have one heck of a burst!

The scene is set at a wedding ceremony going on in a church. At this point, we all know the best man and other important “wedding personnel” are seriously needed. On this occasion, we have this best man who happens to have quite an unfortunate accident. Imagine the best man losing his trousers on the wedding day!

The good thing about this whole thing is the incredible fun it instigated among the guests. Luckily for everyone, the bride and her groom were wearing some microphones, so people could clearly hear the stifled giggles amid the crisis. And then everyone joined in!

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