Brain Surgeon Reaches Out to Teacher From 30 Years Ago, Surprises Him With Life Changing Phone Call

Has a teacher encouraged or made an impact in your life?

Most people attribute their success in life to teachers who impacted their lives. When Dr. Lee Buono was 13 years old, his science teacher, Mr.Sie, changed his life. Even in his adult years, Lee still remembers his professor.

The professor told Lee he had the hands of a surgeon. He adds that Lee is a bright boy with the potential of being a brain surgeon.

Lee was Mr. Sie’s student in the 1980s and he became a brain surgeon. After a successful surgery, Lee reached out to his professor. He wanted to let the man know his statement was not that simple after all.

Lee called up Memorial Middle School and asked to speak to Mr.Sie. The school secretary was adamant that the person on the line wanted to speak to the professor right that minute.

Mr. Sie did not know what to expect. Lee thanked his teacher for his dedication and encouragement to all his students.

The professor says the phone call changed the way he looked at each student. The two reconnected and Mr. Sie had a surprise for his former student.

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