Rock N Roll Couple Haven’t Cut Their Hair For 30 Years – No One Could Recognize Them After The Makeover

As time goes by, things keep on changing. Considering the hairstyles of the couple in the clip below, it is like they never embraced change. Tim and Wendy, a. k. a “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hair Couple,” have 12 years of marriage. They are loved by their buddies and family members but at the same time many are scared of their unkempt hair. The last time Wendy cut her hair was in 1992. Tim confessed that he apparently looked 50 years of age when he actually had 43 years. For him, the last time he trimmed his hair was in 1985!

The couple looked 10 years older than their real age because they had never changed their rock ‘n’ roll hairstyle for more than 10 years. The following video was recorded in 2003 when they were at Oprah for a change of hairstyle, which really did change them a lot. Even though they underwent a complete transformation, the love they felt for each other never changed.

Sadly, Tim died in 2008. He was buried with his Prada suit he worn on the show. To release the distress she had after losing her husband, Wendy ventured into music, joining Tim’s band. She said that she was pleased to see how the entire world saw their love for each other. Her wish was that people could show the same feeling they felt towards them, to their loved ones.

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