Bride is dancing with her father on wedding day – Then familiar voice interrupts song and makes him break down

I always feel emotional when I attend a wedding ceremony. Watching two people in love get reunited forever makes me so happy for them. Almost all girls spend their childhood dreaming about their wedding and their gown.

And when the day finally comes, and the little girl becomes a beautiful bride, everyone of her family is happy to see her making her steps towards her new life, and it’s pretty normal to see her father shed those tears of joy  – fathers of the bride, that is…

The father in the video below walked his daughter down the isle and couldn’t hold back his tears seeing her about to make her new own life away from her parents’ house. However, his daughter is not letting that day finish without giving her dear dad a special surprise..

It was time for the traditional father-daughter dance, he and his beautiful daughter stepped on the dance floor. Their favorite song started to play and everything seemed to go as planned, until halfway through the song, the music was suddenly replaced by a familiar voice.

Everyone in the room was deeply touched when they realized what the daughter had done, and what it meant to her dad.

The bride had changed the lyrics, putting her voice when she was 3-year-old singing, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.”

The father became more emotional after this sweet surprise. He rested his head on his daughter’s shoulder and simply wept.

Watch the footage yourself below. Be warned, though, you might need the tissues for this one:

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