Brandon and Sara met and fell in love with each other. They decided to tie the knot and spend the rest of their lives together. On their big day, After exchanging the vows and officially becoming husband and wife, it was time for their wedding reception at the lovely Sugar Island Barn in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. The thrilled couple knew their best friend Tammy had a surprise for them, but they had no clue what it was about until it was dropped like a bomb. Tammy knew Brandon and Sara are big fans of a band. So she worked hard months before the wedding to convince the band to make an appearance at their friends’ wedding, she sent them a letter begging them to show up at the wedding. this particular band is so famous but the kind friend never gave up to make it true.

On the other side, the newlyweds planned to have the DJ play “Bless The Broken Road” by the Rascal Flatts during their first dance as husband and wife. The lyrics reflects perfectly their love story, so they knew it was the right song choice. However, just before the song starts to play, Sara’s sister the only person who knew about Tammy’s surprise – walked up to the mic. Everyone, even the Sugar Island Barn’s staff had no idea what was about to happen! “I’m not musically inclined at all, so we needed a little extra help for this surprise for you guys,” she announced. “So with a little help, I’ll hand it off to them.”

The barn doors suddenly swung open, Brandon and Sara’s jaws  dropped as they spotted who was crashing their wedding. Sara was so deeply touched she began to tear up. Brandon started crying. “One of the best things was that they said they were going to be praying for us. Because obviously marriage isn’t an easy thing, it’s kinda difficult. So we’ll we praying for them, they’ll be praying for us and it was a great, great, great experience,” Sara said. Watch the video below to see this incredible surprise in action.

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