Aislinn Bowermaster, was so excited for her classroom’s Valentine’s Day celebration. The lovely 12-year-old spent the night before to prepare delicious heart-shaped cookies for all of her classmates. However, Aislinn never expected the devastation about to happen on the day meant for love and friendship.

Aislinn was heartbroken to watch her classmates exchanging chocolates, heartfelt cards and candies, while no one gifted her something. The excitement turned into sadness and disappointment for the little girl. The day turned into more of a catastrophe when Aislinn was bullied because of her weight. She ran home crying. Despite her mother’s comfort, Aislinn locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out. She was absolutely devastated. Kristin called her best friend Abby to get some helpful advice. “How can I cheer her up?!” she cried to Abby. Abby hung up the phone, told her teenage stepson about what happened to Aislinn… and the rest was history.

In the moving video below, Abby’s stepson Isaiah visits his Aislinn’s middle school and walks into her classroom during lunch. There, in front of the entire cafeteria, he waits for Aislinn to emerge from the crowd so he can show her how special she truly is.

Watch Aislinn’s reaction to Isaiah’s heartwarming surprise in the video below:

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