Bride Starts Reading Vows She Wrote at Ceremony. But Then Marine’s 4-Year-Old Son Burst into Tears

Josh Newville is a Sergeant working with the US Marines and Emily Leehan works with the Air Force. They met and fell in love, so they made the decision to tie the knot. However, Josh has a son with another mother. Emily doesn’t mind. She loves the 4-year-old to the bone. You won’t believe what she did to him on the wedding day!

So the wedding ceremony kicked off and all was well, and then it came time to exchange the marriage vows. That’s when the love sparks started flying all over the place. Instead of going the usual way of saying the bride’s marriage vows, Emily decided to turn up the heat by addressing her special vows directly to her little step-son to be. When you hear what she has to say, you’ll understand why this boy can’t help shedding lots of tears. This is so emotional!

Watch the full video here and witness this lovely moment. It’s the true making of a great family. Wait for when the “hugging session” start. Awesome!

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