21-year old Loumouth Jack Jnr suffered his first heart attack.  No medication or therapy could save the young man’s heart as his health deteriorated. The doctors gave him ten days to live, but a miracle happened in the nick of time.

In a different location, 637 miles away, two siblings were on a family vacation. Austin and Abbey Connor were in Cancun, Mexico. At around 5:30 pm, Abbey, and her brother were found unconscious in the resort’s pool. Nobody knows what exactly happened.

Austin survived, but 20-year-old Abbey suffered an irreversible brain damage.

Abbey was kept on life support ready for organ transplant. Jack Jr. received Abbey’s   heart with only a few days left. Jack made a quick recovery and went on with his life.

One day, Jack received a letter from the hospital that did the transplant. Someone wanted to meet with him. Abbey’s father had sent out a letter to all the recipients of her daughter’s organs. However, Jack Jr. was the only one who responded.

Jack and Abbey’s father met in Baton Rouge on Father’s day.   Connor cycled over 2000 miles to meet the man with his daughter’s heart.

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