Some people have reservations about the winter season by virtue of it being a cold period, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a panda that has some good love for the snow time. This clip is about to hurt you!

So here’s this huge panda named Da Mao and he lives at the Toronto Zoo. In this region, temperatures can get very low during winter, but that’s exactly what Da Mao loves about this place. This creature loves the snow, and he’s not afraid to show it!

Now, the staff at the zoo know about Da Mao’s love for the snow, so they decided to throw him a nice surprise. They made a snowman and put it in his space. Next? It’s all action and hilarity. This panda is just too funny! Watch as huge Da Mao investigates the new entry in his space and tries to have some good moments with it. He ends up coming down with the snowman’s head. And that’s not all!

You’ve to watch this and see it all. Get ready for one heck of a hilarious moment.

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