When you find someone you truly love, you believe that everything will be okay and you will stay forever together living the happy life. However, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. You don’t know where the things went wrong and you can’t fix them.

It is especially harder when you already started a family, raising kids and many responsibilities that life throws you every day.

However, love and respect stays stronger no matter what happens, even divorce can’t defeat it.

Ex-couple Jeffrey and Lorrie Agan fell madly in love back in the 80s they tied the knot in 1989. Proudly had 8 amazing kids, But fights and problems can disturb any relationship. Jeffrey and Lorrie unfortunately couldn’t stand it anymore and eventually got divorced in 2014.

Most of divorced couples get distant from each other, rare calls or messages. But this wasn’t the case with this couple and the beautiful thing happens at the most beautiful time of the year, Christmas season. Jeffrey still loves and admires his ex-wife Laurie, so he wanted to give her a special gift that turned everything upside down.

When it was time for the family members to open their Christmas gifts this year, dad Jeffrey Agan, handed one for Laurie that touched the whole family and will be remembered for their entire life.

No one could guess what’s inside the box, because the gift was so unexpected.

Laurie asked jokingly “Is it a pizza?” But it’s nothing near it as you’re going to see in the video below

The gift turned out to be a framed poem that Jeffrey had written for her. And when 52-year-old Jeffrey got down on his knee, the whole family could guess what would happen next.

The present was one beautiful poem that Jeffrey had written for Laurie in the past. But that’s not the only thing that happened. Jeffrey, while everyone is under the shock, went ahead and got down on his knee, asking Laurie to be his wife again.

The poem was a heart-warming proposal. And of, course, she said “yes.”

The couple’s son Jeffrey Jr. wrote that after they got divorced, “both of my parents each went on a separate journey for self renewal. My dad started going to the gym and lost a ton of weight. He started writing poetry and spending more time with his grand kids. My mother found peace in nature, through meditation, and self empowerment.”

Now that they’ve made peace with themselves, Jeffrey, Sr. thought it was time for him and Lorrie to start over.

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