Bullies Made Fun of Triplet Sisters Scarred After a Tragic Fire. Take a Look at Them 20 Years Later

Trae, Chandra, and Jordan Berns are triplets, but their early lives weren’t entirely a smooth ride for them. At just 17-months-old, a fire broke out at their home, claiming their mom’s life. They survived with severe burns. In fact, it was a miracle that they survived at all!

They had to live with the scars all over their bodies. They were mocked for their looks, but luckily, they had each other to draw strength from. They supported and fought for each other. And then the big thing happened!

A fellow friend, who used to have scars too, told them about a doctor who could perform a surgery to get rid of the ugly scars from their bodies. That was the most awesome news they ever heard. They had to try it. In fact, cool Dr. Jill Waibel performed the surgeries for free! You should see them now!

After the life-changing operation, Jordan was even able to wear her lovely wedding dress without having to worry about the stupid scars. That’s great! S

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