Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc since it slammed the southeastern Texas Coast. It has displaced thousands of Houston residents leaving the city in chaos. Even the news crews are finding it difficult to navigate the area as they try to cover the breaking stories.

Nick Valencia is a CNN reporter who caught up with one of the residents. Aaron Mitchell fought to hold back his tears and frustration as he recounted the devastating effects of the storm. Aaron was separated from his family and had no idea of their whereabouts.

Aaron told Valencia he walked for over 12 miles in the dark and flooded streets in an attempt to find his father. He also said that he had lost all he had worked for, thanks to the floods.

Aaron said his mother was in Oklahoma but was unsure about his father’s whereabouts. The CNN crew was moved by the young man’s story and used their satellite devices to locate his father.

Watch Aaron’s reaction when he hears his father’s voice. Please SHARE on Facebook.

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