Carpenter builds 20,000 memorial crosses for mass-shooting victims – stranger leads him outside to unexpected surprise

Greg Zanis is a selfless man. For the past 20 years, the man has built over 14,000 crosses for tragedy victims and their families. The carpenter by profession is on a mission of peace and kindness. He will create a cross for anyone as long as they ask.

He runs Crosses For Losses, a non-profit organization, that relies on partial funding and most of the funds come from his pocket. Thanks to a GoFundme campaign, Greg placed 58 crosses behind the “Welcome to Las Vegas’ signage. It is done in the memory of the beautiful departed souls. The crosses are a place of hope and gathering.

Greg travels across the country with the crosses in his white pickup truck. He does not get all the help he needs despite not being financially well off.

Greg’s daughter says the job is taking the toll on her father and their family. The family gets food from the food pantry and Greg has been driving the same vehicle for over 20 years. Even his tailgate broke off at some point.

The Fox 5 Surprise Squad heard about Greg’s generous act and had the perfect surprise for him.

Watch the video below to see the tear-jerking surprise in store for Greg, a deserving hero in the face of seemingly endless tragedy.

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