Construction workers are taking a break when music suddenly starts– Now keep your eyes on man in the middle

Being a construction worker is not an easy job. It requires the person to be physically and mentally strong since the environment is loudy and you’re exposed to all the elements.

It’s the cold season now, and there is nothing better for these hardworking workers to gather around a warm drink from time to time; a chance to maybe get a few minutes peace and quiet.

So when this group of construction workers decide to take a break. They didn’t want actually a quiet time. One of them clearly has a talent he just can’t hide anymore.

This clip, which is being shared at an astonishing rate online, shows a group of construction workers taking a well-deserved break. As they lean against the wall to relax … the music starts.

Then from nowhere, one of the construction workers jumps to his feet and starts dancing. And this is no ordinary dance but displays of very skilled robotic moves.

This guy has some serious talent, his moves remind me of Michael Jackson!

His colleagues are clapping and cheering, and luckily someone manages to film the whole routine.

The clip has gone viral and attracted so many comments of praise for his dancing. Some viewers have even suggested that he should quit his job as a construction worker, to starts a new career in dancing.

This guy has some serious talent and he proves that work doesn’t have to be boring. Watch his incredible little show in the video below:

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