Cop pulls man over for not having baby in car seat – then wife shows him pregnancy test

Announcing a pregnancy to a father-to- be is a big deal. Mothers are getting creative on the best way to break the news to the potential fathers.

Nikk Rock devised a creative way of telling her husband she was expectant. She even enlisted the help of the Hurst Police Department.

Nikk and her husband were driving down the road, and a police officer pulled them over. The unsuspecting husband was worried and began fidgeting with the radio settings. His wife asked him to relax as they watched the police officer walk to their car.

A brief exchange ensued, and the cop asked why the child in the car did not have a car seat as pointed at the back seat. There was no child in the back seat, and that puzzled Nikk’s husband.

The husband tried to explain they did not have a baby on board. When he looked over to his wife in the passenger’s seat, she was holding a pregnancy kit. The man’s face lit up with excitement when he realized what was happening. Besides sharing the good news, the man learned the baby was due on his birthday.

Watch the full video, that Nikk caught on camera, below:

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