Summer means spending more time outdoors. Sometimes, the summer heat causes more damage than good. We have heard stories of good Samaritans rescuing animals and kids left in hot cars.

Shoppers at a Walmart parking lot in Indiana were treated to a scary sight. The people walked by a parked vehicle and noticed an infant in the back seat.

Someone contacted the police who came to rescue the baby. Officer Hackworth surveyed the scene before determining the best way to rescue the baby out of the hot car.

The officer used a crutch to break the window, but it was unsuccessful. One of the bystanders offered a crowbar, and a few swings later, the window was shattered.

The baby could be heard crying from the backseat. One of the Walmart employees opened the driver’s door and pulled the infant out. The infant had been in the car for close to two and half hours.

The baby’s mother has been arrested. She blames her teenage daughter for leaving the child in the car without her knowledge. The baby is under the Child Care services.

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