The clip opens to show some kids in a class. It’s lunch time, and every kid has a lunchbox. That box contains their meal. While everyone else flips open their box to start feasting on whatever tasty snacks they brought, one of the little ones has nothing to put in his mouth. His lunchbox is empty!

The poor one is embarrassed. He didn’t bring anything to eat. He’s hungry and can’t stand staying in a class full of other kids enjoying their savory meals, so he opts to walk out and leave his box at his desk. He assumes that the other kids don’t know what’s really happening. He’s a strong man.

He wanders up and down the halls and then walks back, but this time, something is “wrong” with his box! When he opens it again? I love these kids already!

You must see this and appreciate the power of unity. Empathy. Pure love. It makes you fantasize of what this world would be like if every human had a heart like these kids’. This is great. Watch the full clip and SHARE this heart-touching video with all your friends on Facebook now!

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