Cops See Kids Laying In An Empty Field, Quickly Realize That They Are Sending a Secret Sign

The kids of this age have become really “digitized,” in the sense that they can think and solve situations really quickly and accurately. This story will prove that and even some more!

This happened in Surrey, England. These little ones were just involved in an egg hunt over the Easter holiday. Their goal was to help one of them who had leukemia, but they would soon add another mission on their list of accomplishments!

Right in the middle of their thing, the kids saw a helicopter hovering over the woods in the farm. Turns out, the officers above were in hot pursuit of some law-breakers. That’s when two of the kids came up with an idea, that after much shouting and waving at the helicopter trying to point it to the escaping suspects fleeing across the field – which was futile.

Finally, the small humans lay down on the farm and formed a human arrow pointing to the suspects. At first, the officers took it as a joke from kids, and then they looked to where the arrow pointed!

They saw the suspects and captured them. The helicopter had to come down for the officers to thank the kids. Plus some photo shoots!

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