Lucy is a sweet little girl with Down Syndrome, but she was also an orphan for the first six years of her life. Living in an orphanage since birth in her native country of China, Lucy was one of a couple dozen lucky special needs children being flown out to the US as part of an adoption program. Already matched with an eager family, it was finally time for little Lucy to meet her new mom and dad.

Brent and Audrey Shook couldn’t wait to meet their new daughter. Already parents to five biological children, the couple anxiously awaited Lucy’s arrival as they paced the gates of the Houston, Texas airport. It doesn’t take long for the much anticipated moment to arrive, and what happens next will leave you in tears.

As little Lucy is chaperoned off the plane, her eyes dart around as she scopes the sea of people for her new parents. Audrey’s eyes immediately zero-in on the young girl, as she clasps her hands over her mouth to contain the wave of emotions suddenly overtaking her. Rushing towards her new daughter, the feelings of love are palpable. What the little girl does next will leave you in tears. See the emotional moment an orphan meets her new mom in the video below – what an incredible moment caught on camera!

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