Living a simple life on a farm has kept this couple happy and in love for over 40 years. Steve and Jenny Green rarely leave their farm, except for occasional trips to the nearby town for snacks and newspapers. They grow their own food and cut their own wood for warmth, and they credit their contentment to the simplicity of their lifestyle.

The couple used to raise cattle, but Steve’s health issues led them to sell the herd. They currently keep cats, dogs, and donkeys on their farm. They wake up at 6 a.m. to tend to their daily chores, and they have never visited London, the capital of their country, in their entire lives.

Despite offers to sell their valuable land, Steve and Jenny have no intention of leaving their farm. They got married at St Mary’s Church 40 years ago and spent a modest honeymoon just 80 kilometers away. Since then, they have not ventured further.

Jenny says that money means nothing to them, and they never plan to retire. “We are happier with our life and its simplicity. We don’t want to change anything,” she said.

The Greens’ story serves as a reminder that happiness and contentment can come from a simple life. Their love for each other and their way of life is a testament to the importance of finding joy in the present moment and the simple pleasures of life.

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