Creepy Man Tries to Harass Woman in Elevator – Her Comeback Has The Internet Applauding Her

Whenever a woman turns down an advance from a man, she means she is not interested. No matter how interested the suitor may be, it is always best to get it and walk away. Other acts of desperation like stalking, harassment, verbal and physical abuse are completely unwarranted.

The woman should not be penalized for choosing not to accept any advances from anyone. She has a right to say no if and when she chooses to. In China, one man went too far and had to learn the hard way that a no means no. A woman decided to teach him a quick lesson about respecting personal space.

At first, the woman simply noted he was too close and move away. She gave him enough space to be sure it was not by accident he stood so close to her. That’s when the man decided to make a bold move. He placed his hand over the woman’s shoulder. The woman didn’t take this last gesture kindly, she responded with blows and kicks as the man tumbled towards the corner of the elevator.

We hope the man will from now on respect other people’s space. He encroached on personal space and paid for it dearly, as the woman hit him liberally under the belt! This video is going viral over the internet; it’s giving women a chance to see how to take a stand. It sends a strong message to those thinking of making unwelcome advances that a no really means no.

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