Dad And 4 Yr-Old Switch On Camera To Record This, But 3 Million People Watched, And Mom Found Out

Cole LaBrant is a YouTube star who knows how to keep his subscribers glued and entertained on his channel named Cole& Sav. However, there is one video that you will love.

In the video, he features his stepdaughter Everleigh. The two are seated in the car, and the little girl asks if they can listen to the radio. Dad says it is alright and turns on the radio.

The duo then performs a medley of hits while dressed in hilarious costumes.

The two begin by lip-synching. Cole is dressed in pigtails with fishnet gloves, hot pink feather boa, and a pink headband. Everleigh wears pink too and the duo busts similar car dance moves.

The next hit is a rap beat and the two dress in black bandanas. Little Everleigh pretends to make it rain with some money from the back seat.

The daughter-father duo proceeds to perform “What Makes You Beautiful” and “La Bamba.” The last one in their performance is “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” by Drowning Pool.

The video has received over 6 million views.

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