Scary Man Grabs 4-Yr-Old and Walks Off – Then Fearless 12-Yr-Old Knows She Has to Act Quickly

Our instincts do not lie, at least most of the times.

If you witness something out of the ordinary, you should notify the authority. What happens if nobody is around?  Would you risk your life to save someone else?

Jada Miller is a 12-year-old who saved a little girl from an attempted kidnapping situation. A few children in her neighborhood were playing outside when Jada noticed something unusual. One of the children, 4-year-old Caylee was walking away with an unknown adult.

It was not her parents. Jada jumped into action and ran after the two. 13-year-old Trinity went to call the girl’s parents. Jada got close to Caylee and her kidnapper. She grabbed the little girl and went back with her.

The abductor was identified as 27-year-old Elijah. His legal name is Benjamin Spasogevich-Lee and is considered suspicious by his neighbors. He does yoga with his underwear, and brings up weird conversations of rape and kidnapping.

Benjamin has been charged with abduction and disorderly conduct.

Watch the footage below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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