Dad asks his twins to recite the lord’s prayer, but their antics have everyone laughing

One quality of a good parent is teaching their kids what they themselves know to be right, and that includes teaching your kids to pray. This dad knows that, and that’s why he takes his time to share a prayer with his two little angels. The twins will blow your mind away!

So here’s dad and his two little girls. He requests them to say a prayer. From the look of it, it’s clear that this is truly a prayerful family. The kids must have heard this prayer recited so many times .They’ve mastered it. Matthew Chapter 6 is no hard job for these angels!

However, these two are the fun type. They end up making the prayer something worth listening to. They even add some of their own creativeness that gets you all cracked up. To make everything better, dad is on standby to make sure they say everything right. Perfect!

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