As adults, we sometimes feel embarrassed or don’t have the courage to show up in front of people and prove our talent. Babies, however, they don’t realize this yet, they don’t give any attention to what other people think of them.

8-month-old baby Sydney does exactly this, he is absolutely not shy to strut her thing after her dad began playing her favorite 1980’s Bon Jovi song.

She doesn’t know what “Shy” or “Hesitant” mean, and we’re glad that her mom was there to record this funny duo between dad and his cute little daughter.

Dad probably thought he was the star of the video, but his precious kid stole the spotlight when she showed her secret talent. Sydney was already unleashing her inner heavy metal rocker soul and she doesn’t hold back it anymore.

This adorable cheeky kid will leave you laughing so hard when you watch her move her head up and down like she was in the middle of a concert! “Headbangers Ball” may have fizzled out decades ago, but this lil’ munchkin is bringing it back with style.

Now watch her amazing moves, you won’t get tired of watching this video. Take a look at this overjoyed baby when she gets ready to pluck at her air guitar strings.

Although all babies are cute and innocent, but sometimes looks can deceive you. Watch the video below to see why this sassy lil’ munchkin puts seasoned headbangers everywhere to shame.

Awww, this is the cutest thing I’ve seen all week! You’re going to love it!

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