Dance Cam Covers Little Kid’s Hilarious Dance off With Security – The Whole Crowd Goes Wild With Laughter

The scene is set at break time during a game played by the Detroit Pistons. During this time, the Dance Cam takes the ground and proceeds to impress the crowds with some cool dance moves. But things get pretty much heated when a little kid busts into the spotlight and threatens to shame everyone else. This kid can dance!

Wait for that refreshing moment when the camera pans to cover the kid, and you’ll know why the crowd is going all “ga ga.” Well, something else happened when the camera covered the security guard. The guy broke out into a dance in response to the kid’s competitive moves. What happened next is something you can call a healthy dancing contest pitting a little kid and a security guard. You seriously can’t miss this one!

Watch as the crowd breaks into roars and bursts of laughter at the incredibly spine-tingling scene. I can guarantee that you’ll have the time of your life watching this.

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