Robber Thinks His Target Is Easy. Instantly Realizes He’s Wrong, In A Very Painful Way

Armed robbers are bullies with a motive and a gun. They always pick on someone who appears helpless and weak. They are often looking for quick money.  Armed robbers will target the elderly and the women, thinking they are an easy target.

One armed robber underestimated his target. However, he was in for a big surprise.

A blonde woman is seen leaving a building. She walks towards her car. An unidentified man approaches her and points a gun to her head. Well, the woman reacts almost immediately. Unafraid of the gun, she hits the robber with her purse. It does not end there; she gives him several punches.

With the man lying on the ground in a disabled state, the angry woman kicks the unidentified man in the groin. She quickly drives away, leaving the man writhing in pain on the ground.

The incident was captured on a surveillance camera. Probably the robber did not come along with his backup gang since he thought the woman was helpless. The shock was on him!

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