Deadly Injured Elephant Takes Revenge On Hunter Before Collapsing.. What She Did? I Have NO Words!

An elephant will be a friendly creature so long as you don’t threaten their safety or that of their friends. That’s why this story is generating so much heat on the internet!

So it happened that one Theunis Botha, of Theunis Botha’s Big Game Safaris and Hounds, set out from South Africa into Zimbabwe with his friends. Theunis liked to hunt big game like elephants, so when they came across 4 elephants, they decided to start their hunting right there and then. Well, it turned out somewhat unexpected!

Theunis and his friends shot 3 of the elephants, but the 4th one was an angry elephant. She wasn’t about to go down alone. She wanted to avenge her friend’s deaths before the hunters could take her out too. What she did? Unbelievable!

The elephant charged right at Theunis, 51, grabbed him with her trunk and went down with him. The rich hunter died on the spot. The elephant also succumbed to the gunshots.

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