We live in a day and age where videos and funny stories capture our attention from our computers and mobile phones. It is extremely rare to find something that will capture our attention in the real world like one teenage boy did.

Brendan MacFarlane is only 13 years old. However, he is not your-ordinary-teenager. He has the pipes and soul of an older and mature person.

The teen was in Dan’s Chelsea Guitar shop in New York. One man was playing the guitar, and the teen had a surprise for everyone.

When he opened his mouth to sing, the shop owner could not believe his ears. Brendan sang a few lines of “Just Another Day,” and his performance was incredible.

The shop owner stopped him and could not believe the stellar performance came from the boy. The owner wanted his friends to watch the boy’s performance, and he requested someone to record the young boy as he sang.

Watch the teen boy in action and let us know what you think.

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