Parents will do anything to protect their children from any danger and ease their suffering. They will forego their meals so that the kids can eat.

Paul DiGiacaomo is a parent who took a few steps further to help her daughter. Meghan lived on the streets and is a heroin addict. She lives close to the methadone clinic where she gets help to overcome her addiction. However, Meghan lacks the motivation.

Meghan’s boyfriend died last year because of an overdose.

Meghan was unwilling to reach out to her parents until her father took a drastic measure. Her father set a camp right beside her.  He sleeps next to her on the sidewalk and ensures her daughter is protected and stays alive.

It was a drastic change for Meghan’s parents. They were not aware if their daughter was dead or alive. One night, during the Anderson Cooper segment about opioids and one of the homeless addicts was their daughter.

Paul packed a few belongings and his beloved dog and drove downtown to Meghan. Weeks later, the CNN camera crew returned to the site and found father and daughter sitting side by side.

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