I don’t know about you, but I hate bullies. It’s even worse to realize that these ill-mannered people may be victimizing other people on the streets and other public places. It’s equally disheartening to know that if, if they’re kids, they’re most likely bullying other kids at school. I mean, bullies aren’t people to be proud of.

But once in a while, someone stands up to a bully and teaches them a good lesson that should always serve to deter other crooks. Case in point? The video here.

This short clip was captured at a subway. Here’s a teen that seems to feel way too superior to show respect to his seniors. He’s trying to harass a woman. Well, he doesn’t seem like he even realizes that this lady is just trying not to teach him a bad lesson. But he’s insisting. She warns him, but he won’t listen. The next second, he’s running around with his hands trying to find his eyes!

The woman had to give the young guy a “nice pepper spray” when he got too much. What a lesson! Watch and see what happened.

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