Doctor Advised Them To Abort Their Babies. Now Watch What Their Kids Look Like 18 Year Later.. WOW!

When Kenny and Bobbie McCaughey found out that they were pregnant, they went to see a doctor. Turns out, they expected not one, or two, or three kids. Bobbie was carrying 7 babies!

Being the first reported case of septuplets, this story broke the news back then in the ‘90s. It even spread further when the couple turned down the doctors’ advice to undergo a reduction procedure to abort some of the babies because carrying 7 babies to full term would be dangerous. But being “pro-lifers,” the couple threw all caution to the wind and trusted God in his judgment to give them the 7 babies at once. Did it pay off?

The 19th of November, 1997, will forever be remembered as the day America welcomed its first septuplets into the world. People came out in support of the new family, building them a nice house and helping in many other ways. But that’s not the end of it!

Fast-forward almost 18 years later, and the 18-year-old kids are celebrating their birthday and ready to out to face the world as adults. This video will leave your jaws down!

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