Doctor Is Drunk While Delivering Baby, But Has No Idea Pregnant Woman’s Family Is Recording. Watch The Shocking Footage!

When Alexis Sims, of Las Vegas, went to deliver her son at Sunrise Hospital, she expected ultimate best services and the best doctors on the job. However, her experience turned out to be way low-key than expected, and she has video evidence to back it up.

Alexis’s labor had to be induced for her to deliver, but the doctor who attended to her wasn’t really a serious professional. When her epidural started wearing off, the doctor only mocked her weight and called her names instead of helping her feel better. Who does that?!

To make it even worse, the doctor was drunk and talking to other staff members about their earlier drinking spree before he came in to fill in for Alexis’ usual doctor. The mom was incensed with this behavior. Not to mention that the medic wasn’t even dressed appropriately in the delivery room!

When things started heading south, Alexis’ family whipped out their phones and started recording the incident. She’s now using the evidence to sue the hospital. Watch the clip here and be the judge. Don’t forget to SHARE with friends and family!

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