Dolphin makes “net” using ocean mud. Moments later, camera captures incredible ocean phenomenon

In case you haven’t heard, dolphins are awesome. Sure, we come from different worlds and all, but our ocean-going mammalian counterparts possess many admirable qualities and characteristics that endear them to us like few other species on Earth. Dolphins are well known for their agility and playful behavior, making them a favorite of wildlife watchers. However, there’s a secret brewing underneath the surface of dolphin-ville, and the video below shows another side to our mammalian cousins and what they are up to when they’re not so cute and friendly.


One of the basic facts of dolphins that probably most of us have no idea of is they need to eat! It is easy for them only when they’re in a sea park hand-fed their meals by their fans. But out there in the huge blue ocean, they’ve got to hunt for food. Now you’re going to be amazed. If you’re expecting them use the old fashioned way which is stalking secretly their preys and jump on it at the perfect time. well, you’re wrong! When these snarky little tricksters stuck their bottle noses together, they came up with a smart strategy that delivers food right into their adorable little maws.


The clip below reveals a dolphin displaying a weird behavior. She’s flapping her tail against the bottom of a shallow sea bed while she’s swimming in a circle. But pay attention, this is not actually weird as it seems. In fact, she’s making a homemade fishing net with silt and mud. This brilliant method is used to trap fish. Take a look at the video below to see why dolphins are smart tricksters of meal planning. Talk about getting the fresh “catch” of the day!

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