Stranger interrupts young girl playing piano, only for stunt to make passerby stop dead in their tracks

When you see a piano in a public place, you can’t expect what is going to be played once someone sits on it. It could be someone who just wants to try hit notes, or it could be someone who may surprise with his piano skills.

We’ve seen many viral videos of different people, from homeless to police officers who delivered some stunning piano performances. In this video, a girl was playing a public piano when a stranger sat down beside her and tried to take over. What happened next was a duet that stole the attention of passersby …

Video footage shows a young girl playing contently on a public piano, before a man approaches and seemingly tries to take over. In the beginning, the girl resists, telling the man to find his own piano as she’s practising.

After a few minutes, she eventually relents, though the look on her face says more about her true feelings than any words can.

Just a few short moments after the man begins to play, however, the atmosphere changes. The girl begins to clap her hands, and before long onlookers are stopping to do the same.

One of them – a man in a hard hat – decides he, too, wants to get involved in the impromptu performance. Together with the girl, they join the man on the piano and begin a show that leaves the people present positively spellbound.

Three piano players, one epic performance.

To see just what we’re talking about, watch the video below:

I always enjoy to see talented musicians express themselves.

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