Elderly Folks Crash The County Jail, But when The Music Begins even the Toughest Inmates Start Sobbing

Inmates at the Hampshire county jail were treated to an eye-watering moment when these old folks showed up to perform before them. What happens next is what you can call a great, emotional moment. You really want to see this!

If you thought inmates can’t be receptive to religious stuff, you’ve been so wrong. All you’ve to do is listen and watch what happens when this choir, called young@heart chorus, starts singing at the county jail. OMG! I can’t hold in my tears!

Music is powerful, as this video proves. The elderly singers performed one of the most loved and touching songs, Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young.” You can feel the emotion running through your very veins as they take on the song with vigor and focus. Keep your eye on those inmates. Tears galore!

Click on the video and enjoy this mazing performance. You’ll love it, and if you love it enough, you’ll want your Facebook buddies to have a look too.

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