Escape artist risks his life during audition.. what follows left everyone in the room in utter panic

We all have dreams we are chasing after in this life, but are you ready to risk even your own life to achieve your dreams?

Demian Aditya who doubles up as an escape artist and a magician is not afraid when it comes to risking his life to achieve his dreams. That is what he exactly demonstrated when he appeared on America’s Got Talent.

It was back in May 2017 when the Indonesian magician took the stage on AMT.

As revealed on his website, he was only 10 years old when he started learning magic. Officially, his career kicked off when he first competed in 2002, when he was still in his home country.

Though Aditya sometimes hosts several TV shows, his real passion is magic. The video clip below features a jaw-dropping escape, which could have also meant dying in the process if he failed to do what he had to do.

As he revealed when he appeared on stage, he had only performed the routine once and this was his second time to do it. He came up with an impossible escape and he was determined to prove a point in those conditions.

You have to watch the frightening escape in the video below and let us know what you think about it.

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