Heartbroken 2-year-old cries hysterically after kids called her “bad”, but dad knows what to do to fix everything

It is a fact that there is no parent that loves to see his/her child crying. It is such an upsetting or hurting moment whenever that happens, and every parent acts within no time to fix that. That is the position that the dad you are meeting below found himself in and acted quickly to fix the situation.

There is that special bond between little girls and their dads. A hug from dad can clear almost all tears and you’re about to experience just that.

On this day, Tiara, a 2-year-old girl was so upset and knew it was dad’s comforting hug which was going to cure everything. True to that, her sad feelings disappear the moment she starts hugging and talking to dad.

She was called “bad” by her friends – something that caused her sadness. So when she got the chance to be consoled by dad, she had to share everything with him. She was crying the moment she started sharing everything, but moments later everything changed and her tears went away.

I like it that dad was so patient with her and got the root of the matter. How I wish that all parents express the same kind of patience when dealing with their kids’ problems.

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