Everyone Knows This Popular Song. Now Listen To Who Sang It First Time.. I Have NO Words!

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by Israel Ka’aanoi Kamakawiwo’ole is one of my favorite songs. His melodious voice mesmerizes my soul whenever the song starts playing. Many people love the song but know little about the singer.

However, beyond the music and the man, is a person who has touched millions of lives, thanks to his artistic skills and advocacy projects in Hawaii.

Israel was known as the “Gentle Giant.” Israel had an enormous physique, but his voice and singing were soft and heavenly. Sadly, his body weight was the cause of his demise. Israel was obese, and that contributed to a host of health problems ranging from respiratory to cardiac illness.

Israel died in 1997 at the age of 38. His obesity caused him to have a myriad of health problems that eventually led to his demise. Even though Israel is not with us physically, his music and acts of kindness live in us. The next time you listen to his song; have a different perspective of the man.

Rest in peace Israel! We miss you.

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