Have you ever had a hunting secret you didn’t dare to share with your friends and family, no matter how much you wanted to?

The secret keeps burden you but you’re afraid or not brave enough to tell someone about it. Yes it’s very hard and frightening. But it’s actually something that many children adopted from countries that suffer from war, abuse, famine and thirst, are living with.

Jessice and Adam Davis adopted a 5-year-old Ugandan girl, Namata, from the European Adoption Consultants (EAC) in 2015, they were told that the poor girl had a rough start in life, she’s been neglected by her mother after her father died. Namata didn’t speak English and found it very hard to communicate in the beginning.

6 months later, when she learned the language, she revealed a secret, however, it wasn’t something Jessica and Adam would ever imagine.

Jessica and Adam Davis are already parents of 4 kids of their own, but they are able to give more and wanted to take in a child who had suffered greatly a better chance in life.

When they made contact with the EAC, they knew about Namata’s abuse history. After sitting down with her for some time, they discovered she was totally traumatized. They found out that the little girl has never been to school, never been fed and had been subject to some form of abuse, either psychological or physical.

They were heartbroken to know about little Namata’s story, she’s too young to suffer like that. They tried to know more about her, but the little girl couldn’t speak then.

After 6 months of living with the Davis family, Namata managed to speak good English and that’s when she revealed a hunting secret. It turned out that the little girl hadn’t been in an abusive family at all. In contrary, her mom loved her so much, she walked her every day to school and Namata now misses her mom very much.

Jessica and Adam couldn’t believe they would come across such horrifying truth. They had just taken the little girl away from her loving family.

Jessica told CNN: “The only trauma this child ever experienced was because we essentially placed an order for a child. She was home and happy with her mother, until they selected her for us.”

But wait this is not the worst part of the story. Namata’s mom was also being fooled. She’s been told by the EAC that an American family will only foster her daughter for a year or two so she can get a good education before coming back home.

After discovering the whole fake story they’d been tricked into living, Jessica and Adam knew they had to act. The couple could legally kept the little girl, but Jessica refused, on the grounds that she hadn’t bought her at a store like some accessory. Thankfully, the adoption process was reversed and Namata was happily reunited with her mother.

Namata’s story went viral, the State Department exposed other adoptions that were the same case as Namata. They were able to shut down the EAC for good!

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