Family on road trip when Whitney Houston classic plays on radio – 2-yr-old toddler belts it like true diva

A 2 year-old girl has just become a viral sensation after a video showing her belting out a classic Whitney Houston song made the rounds on the internet.

Ryan Pierini of Sacramento, California was out driving with his wife and two daughters when Whitney Houston ballad “I Will Always Love You” came on the radio. As soon as the song began to play, the entire family began to sing it as Ryan recorded them.

When the moment came in which Whitney pauses dramatically before belting out the song’s legendary chorus, the entire car fell silent in anticipation. When the chorus finally began, Ryan’s youngest daughter Amelia gave Whitney a run for her money as he belted it out along with her! The 2 year-old’s singing is hilarious to watch, as she really commits to the song.

Just look at the way Amelia scrunches her face and moves her arms and legs to the music. Her whole family could not help but burst out laughing as she got carried away by the song. It’s safe to say that they have quite a little performer on their hands, and they need to find this girl a stage ASAP!

The video went viral as soon as Ryan posted it on social media, and it has since been viewed nearly two million times! Amelia now has fans all over the world who can’t get enough of her dramatic performing style.

This is likely just the beginning of many performances from this girl in the years to come! Check out her viral video for yourself below.

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