Auditioning for a nationally televised reality talent competition like “Britain’s Got Talent” is a terrifying thing for even the most confident of adults to do, so it’s always amazing to see a child muster up the courage to audition. Even more impressive is when a child manages to knock their audition out of the park, and that’s exactly what happens in the video below!

Beau Dermott is a 12 year-old girl who may look sweet and innocent, but she has a voice inside of her that is so powerful that she is able to blow the entire panel of judges away!

When she took the stage to audition, Beau decided to perform the song “Defying Gravity” from the popular Broadway show “Wicked.” This is known for being a huge song that requires powerful vocals, so the judges did not know what to think about such a young child performing it. As soon as Beau opened her mouth, however, they realized right away that they had no reason to doubt!

By the time Beau was finished with her song, all of the judges were on their feet. Even the notoriously difficult to please judge Simon Cowell could not deny how talented she was! Sure enough, Beau earned herself a Golden Buzzer, sending her straight through to the finals. Video of her audition has also gone viral, being viewed an astounding 27 million times.

Check out her audition for yourself below.

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