It’s a sad reality when some children get abandoned by their own parents, but the good thing that there are some people out there who are willing to take an abandoned or orphan child and raise them like their own child. However, some people don’t see this as a good thing, they don’t understand that every child deserves a happy, bright future and this is what happened with the Hollis family.

The family adopted two autistic girls. After one night, the family woke up to the whole house vandalized. Soon after, the two young Hollis brothers did something that made thousands react.

In the year 2011, the family awoke as normal but when they stepped outside they found something that wasn’t to be expected. The Hollis family was surprised as they live in an Illinois small town. Things like this don’t typically happen. Mother, Anne Hollis, was completely took back when she had found their house to be spray painted.

“Get Outta Here”, and “Retard” were included in the hate speech that was found painted on their home.

This attack was something they took very seriously. And, they believe it happened because of the adoption that took place. They had recently adopted two daughters that have Down Syndrome. Anne states that this day changed her life forever. Her sons, which are 6 and 7, decided to make a video and take defense and speak up for their sisters.

With the help of their parents, they addressed the public and demanded for everyone to stop the use of the word “retard”. Everyone Matters initiative learned about their video and asked for permission to share it. The Hollis family couldn’t have been happier to allow this to occur.

Soon the story was found everywhere on the internet, with the original video on youtube currently boasting over 1 million views.

In the video, you’ll see the boys holding up index cards. The cards read “For Meg and Alina”, which are their sisters. They use the index cards to convey their message throughout the remainder of their video.

The first card that is held up reads “Realizing” with “Re” underlined at the beginning of the sentence. This is being done to refer to the word “retard” and show others that they need to stop using this word when referring to those with Down Syndrome.

They go on to explain the things that their sisters are learning and capable of doing and how the word “retard” doesn’t describe them at all. They then went into detail and describing their sisters and their personalities,  giving viewers a little peek into their lives.  The boys tried their best to prove that stereotypes surrounding Down Syndrome are simply not true.

Once the boys are finished with the cards, the video pops up a photo of their entire family. At this time, the brothers ask if you are willing to help their sisters.

They want the viewers to help by using loving words rather than hate. They want to share love, hope, and respect. They make it clear that their sisters are not “retards” as you will see at the end of the video.

Can you believe that someone did this to their home? It’s really sad that this family had to go through this but at least they are making something positive out of it.

What do you think their message? Let us know in the comments – and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!

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